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Point the Way
Brick and Stone LLC

Good old fashioned quality, at a 'Fair' price.

Why Choose Point the Way?

   From the smallest tuckpointing jobs to the larger rebuilds, we take a lot of pride in the work we do. Doing it right and taking to heart what was asked of us to ensure that the issue at hand is addressed properly is our goal on all jobs. We're not the company you are going see putting tan brick into a red chimney because the brick yard was too far, part of doing a job right is having the proper material and tools for the job. Our crew is tooled for any job and ready to hit those brick yards, so that when we're done, you never know there was even an issue. While our industry does not boast the lowest repair cost, it is our guarantee that our prices will be more than fair for your job, and we always recommend that you get estimates from other local companies. Point the Way - Good old fashioned quality, at a 'fair' price. It is not some gimmick, it is our motto.

   Even before were doing business together you are going to feel like you have made the right decision. Our timely and professional response to your request, free and fully detailed estimates, and the quality of our prices are just a few reasons we stand out among tuckpointers. Now, once we are in business together, you will know that you have made the right decision. The old fashioned quality of our work will put you in awe, unrivaled when it comes to passion and attention to detail. Point the Way is bringing old quality standards back to an old quality trade. When the job is complete, you will not even know we were there, we leave our job sites as clean, if not cleaner then when we came to start the job. Call us today for your fully detailed estimate; we look forward to hearing from you.