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Point the Way
Brick and Stone LLC

Good old fashioned quality, at a 'Fair' price.

   Listed below are some of the services that we offer. We are a specialty masonry restoration and caulking company, taking pride in our ability to do it right the first time. We service homeowner and commercial needs.
Removing the old failing mortar from between brick or stone and replacing it with new mortar. We do small repairs as well as entire homes or businesses.
Laying & Replacement-
This can consist of removing a failing brick and replacing it, too completely rebuilding a chimney or wall. Be it brick, block,
real or cultured stone we can handle it.
Windows, Flashing, Expansion Joints. If it needs caulking, we do it.
Pressure Washing & Cleaning-
Sometimes, things just need a good cleaning.
Masonry materials like brick, stone, and concrete are as porous as a kitchen sponge and need to be waterproofed every ten years. Trapped water during a freeze is what destroys masonry.